About us

We are Declan Oppenheim and Jake Reeder, two nerds from Melbourne, Australia. We have been making cool stuff together for the past 6 years.

Photos and videos are our passion, and we like it when things just work. We provide an end-to-end solution that is flexible and efficient (including audio and animation). We adopt industry best practices in production as well as post production, and pride ourselves on our high quality product.

We produce a wide range of work including fashion, commercial, corporate and short narrative.

Declan (on the left) is an airplane enthusiast, semi-pro dog spotter and wikipedia editor. Ever the organiser, he lives by spreadsheets and deadlines.

He normally spends most of his time on set rattling off relevant movie references.

Jake (on the right) is a filter coffee lover and overall winter person. He has degrees in BA (Photography) (with distinction), BMedia&Comms (1st class Hons), and is a Hasselblad Master. 

He normally spends most of his time on set walking around telling everyone to turn the lights off.